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So in Icarly’s new episode, this is the book Gibby’s brother is reading omg

his face tho


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I really hate being left out on shit.

Shawn I have your phone

Well yeah uhmm it’s kithren you have my iPhone and you’re on my Tumblr. Your giggling about what you find on my Tumblr and well you know Ayyeee you ain’t about that life.! Haha well we are so cool you come over and we play zombies… LOLOLOLOL we’re so cool. But uhmm yeah almost two a.m. you gets to go soon you are shit talking on my phone to the people who are texting me right now. And it’s hilarious.!! Now you just said you hope you doubt make any of these guys commit suicide.! Anyways bye now your phone is hard to text write with lol oh well. I ain’t about that life.!


The New Myspace

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